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Today’s Bride Wants to Make An Individual Fashion Statement

In fact, while most contemporary brides are still interested in traditional ring styles, many are looking to put a modern twist on their classic bridal rings. Here are some current trends in the bridal sector that bear out the move toward more unique bridal jewelry:

Engagement Rings – Antique styles and cuts, family heirlooms, estate/auction rings and pieces from vintage jewelers have been doing particularly well, due in part to the nostalgia boom. An antique-style ring gives the bride a chance to express her own style by wearing something she isn’t likely to see in just any jewelry store. This is one of the reasons why the Victorian three-stone ring design has enjoyed such a renaissance in recent years.

In contrast, sleek, modern, geometric designs also are doing well with today’s brides. The focus has moved away from traditional single-stone solitaires to bolder rings with fashion-forward accent stones studding the band. Unusual, interesting settings (tension, bezel) and alternative diamond shapes, such as princess (square), oval, marquise, emerald or one of the many newer branded cuts on the market give brides a way to modernize their engagement ring.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of brides are looking to add a splash of color to their engagement ring – either through colored gem side stones or an alternative gem to a diamond as the center stone. Although yellow gold is the standard (for both engagement rings and wedding bands), platinum and two-tone combination looks (platinum/yellow gold) are extremely popular with the bridal crowd.

Wedding Bands – More women and men are choosing diamond bands instead of the traditional plain gold band. One of the hottest trends in the wedding band category is the use of channel-set or prong-set diamonds that typically go part way around the band. Hand-carved designs, filigree, symbols, engraved initials, woven styles and other intricate looks have replaced the simple wedding band.

Meanwhile, many brides continue to wear the traditional three-stone anniversary ring as a wedding band.